The Keys

As part of the 400 Countdown Campaign which aims to raise EUR400,000 to finish and open the Hospice, today we are starting the ‘Keys’. Much money was raised in the building phase of the Hospice by ‘selling’ bricks, well now the hospice is built we no longer need bricks but we still need your support.

Of the EUR400,000 needed approximately 75% will go on major items such as the lift machinery, Kitchen equipment etc., all major items. The remaining 25% will be needed for the smaller patient oriented items. From today you can help with this part by buying Keys.

Lets open the Door!
We need to open the door and are selling Keys at EUR10 each, a certificate in memory of a loved one or yourself will be given.

  • 1 Key will purchase a patient’s Cutlery
  • 2 Keys will purchase a patients Pillow
  • 3 Keys will purchase a patient’s Crockery
  • 4 Keys will purchase a patient’s bedding
  • 15 Keys will purchase a bedside locker
  • 25 keys will purchase a patient’s wardrobe
  • 250 Keys will purchase a patient’s bed!

The shopping list is extensive! 10,000 keys will open the door.

Help us to Help Others

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