We warmly welcome Pilgrims to the Church of Agia Kyriaki and Paphos. It is our Parish Church. It is sometimes known as ‘St. Paul’s pillar’ It is a Greek Orthodox Church entrusted to us in the Roman Catholic (Latin Rite).

Ss. Paul, Barnabus and Mark were here on Paul’s first missionary journey. The story of Paphos is in Acts Chapter 13 of the Bible. A Basilica has been on the site since the Fourth Century AD and St. Francis of Assisi was here in 1220 AD.

If you wish one of the Priests of the Parish to be present during your visit please make early contact with us as the Parish is very busy with our own parish programme, Pilgrimages and weddings.

If you wish to have Mass at Agia Kyriaki we need plenty of notice. Sunday Masses are at 10am (Latin); 11am (Polish); 12noon (English)

Priests are welcome to concelebrate, but they must bring a Celebret from their diocese with them.

We can arrange a midweek Mass at Agia Kyriaki at a special time for your group and Priest or arrange for one of the Priests of the Parish to say Mass for you. But please give us plenty of notice as the Church is very busy.

It is very important that all priests have their Celebret from their Diocese with them. It is helpful if they bring an Alb with them.


You can book by phoning the office, one of the parish priests or our diary coordinator Susy on (+357) 26931640 or (+357) 99613715.

You can find all the contact information on on the home page.