Sacrament of Baptism at St. Paul’s Catholic Parish, Paphos.

Those wishing to have their children Baptised here in Agia Kyriaki are welcome.

However the parents must bring a letter from their home Parish Priest that gives permission for the baptism to take place outside the home Parish and that he has prepared the parents and god parents for the baptism.

Without this we are unable to do a baptism.

It is helpful when booking the baptism if the parents say they have such a letter from their home parish priest.

To book a baptism see the home page for our contact details or contact Susy, our diary coordinator, on (+357) 26931640 or (+357) 99613715.

Suggested letter from Priest.

Parish Letterhead and address.

I, Fr……………. hereby give my permission for the Baptism of ………………….. to take place outside the Parish.

I have prepared the couple for the baptism of their child.

Signed (Parish Priest) Parish Stamp/Seal