Paphos Catholic Church

The Catholic Parish of Paphos is in the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem. In 1987, the magnificent old church of Agia Kyriaki Chrysopolitissa was entrusted to us by kind permission of Bishop Chrysostomos, Metropolitan of Paphos; in 1988 the Anglican Community were invited to join us and the Lutheran, Maronite and Finnish Communities also hold services here on certain occasions. The Orthodox community still holds some services here, particularly on 29th June, the feast of S3 Peter and Paul. Bishop Chrysostomos further allowed the Latin Community use of St. Dimitri, the Orthodox Church at Polis to celebrate Holy Mass while at Pissouri Holy Mass is celebrated in the Symposium Restaurant.

Mass at Agia Kyriaki

Mass at Agia Kyriaki

The Parish was Honoured by a visit of his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI in June of 2010, an event which caused much celebration in the Parish and drew visitors from afar.

The Parish is a lively Catholic community of people from all walks of life. At Mesa Chorio we have a cemetery with the chapel of SS. Cosmos and Damian, and a Kindergarten which is open to children of all nationalities and denominations The Sisters of St Bruno and Bethlehem have a small convent, also at Mesa Chorio, and are a welcome addition to the Parish.

Parish activities include a Pastoral Care Group incorporating hospital visiting, a Bereavement Support Group, and a Rosary Team. The flower arranging classes, hand-made greetings cards, prayer cards/bookmarks, line dancing, 100 club and coin boxes are all run to raise funds for the Hospice.