Mass Times

St. Paul’s Catholic Parish, Paphos

Please See Newsletter for any updates on the current situation and mass times.

Schedule For Holy Mass

Monday 09:00 H. Mass (Agia Kyriaki)
Tuesday 09:00 H. Mass (Agia Kyriaki)
Wednesday 10:50 Eucharistic Adoration – 12:00 H Mass (Agia Kyriaki)
Thursday 09:00 H. Mass (Agia Kyriaki) / 18PM-19PM Euc. Adoration (Presbytery)
Friday 9. 00 H. Mass (Agia Kyriaki)
Saturday 16:00 & 18:00 H Mass (Agia Kyriaki / 18:00 H Mass (Polis)
Sunday H Mass in Agia Kyriaki : 10:00 Latin, 11:00 Polish, 12:00 English.

Sri Lanka Community Mass every 3rd Sunday of the month at 1:15.

Filipino Community Mass every last Sunday of the month at 12pm.

Maronite Community Mass every Sunday at 11.15am in the Chapel at the Presbytery.

For sick visits, confessions or any pastoral inquires, contact Fr. Fernando or Fr. Ismael.