Parish Notices 24/7/11

17th Sunday in Ordinary time, 2011.

Readings for Sunday (17th year A):
O.T. Kings. 3:5.7-12
Psalm: 118.
NT: Romans: 8:28-30
Gospel: John: Matt: 13: 44-52

Christians in the Holy Land. The Patriarch attended a conference in London on ‘Christians in the Holy Land’. You can find details of his speech and the conference on our Diocesean website: A chance to catch up on news of our diocese as well.

Saints this week.
Mon. 25th July. St. James, Apostle
Tues. 26th July St. Joachim & Anne Parents of Mary
Fri. 29th July St. Lazarus, Martha & Mary.
Sat. 30th July. St. Peter Chrysologus, Bsp.
Sun 31st July St. Ignatius of Loyola

Our Hospice shops. Did you know that the original Hospice shop is opposite ‘Ship Shape’ on the Paphos /Polis road just above Carrefours? We would like to thank the coordinators and volunteers for all their hard work at the shops. Last year the shops raised around £70,000 for the Hospice, a significant figure for us. Thank you. Have you visited the shops, each one has a slightly different flavour so go and see! Shop 1 (Opposite ‘Ship Shape’). It is open Mon -Sat 9.30 – 5pm (half-day Wed and Sat). Shop 2 by Agia Kyriaki Open every day till 1pm (Wed & Sat till 5pm). Shop 3 (Geriskipou) Open Mon- Sat 10-1pm & 3-6pm (Half-day Wed and Sat).

Bears!!!!!!!!!! Have you seen any Michael Bears about? They are looking for homes to go to! It is rumoured they are attempting to have a Michael Bears picnic sometime. They are saying entrance will only with a Michael Bear, who may bring a guest. Only a rumour mind you.

St. Michaels Hospice Charity event. On Saturday July 23rd the Charity will be holding Fund raising event at The Richter Tavern, Emba, with ‘Hightec’ band.. Tickets are available in the Hospice coffee shop.

Food for the poor. Food for the poor is collected at the Hospice Coffee shop to be distributed by Fr. Carlos.

Prayers for Monastic Sisters of Bethlehem, and of the Assumption of the Virgin, and of St.Bruno The building of a monstary for the Sisters has taken another step forward so please keep up the prayers for this project.The website of the Sisters Monastic family is

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