Bishop Grampas

Lugano tour groupWe were once again blessed by with a visit from a Lugano tour group of 65 people and their Bishop (Bishop Grampas), who after a Hospice presentation kindly donated EUR633 to the Hospice appeal, this makes over EUR1100 received from the last 4 groups over the last 5 days.

The last 2 visits held Mass in the Presbetery garden under canvas due to the flower festival taking place, though they did visit the church. Once again we owe much to those who pass our way and contribute so much to the realisation of our dream.

Lugano tour group

Flower Festival 2011

Flower Festival 2011The Agias Kyriaki Flower Festival opened today with the usual colourful display of flowers arranged by members of the Catholic and Anglican congregations. The time and effort that is put into this event by everyone always ensures a splendid display which has now become an annual event. (Photo’s by Anna Fitzgerald)

Flower Festival 2011


Visitors ItalyWe have been blessed recently with visitors to the parish from all over Europe, many on organised church group visits coming to see the wonderful Agias Kyriaki church. Today a small group of 17 people from Modena, Italy visited us and said mass with their priest in the Presbetery grounds, they Kindly donated EUR181.40 to the Hospice appeal.

We would like to thank these kind people and all the other groups from all denominations for their kind generosity whilst visiting us.