A Great Celebration

On Friday evening February 1st, 190 people attended an event in the Aquamare Hotel, to mark the fact that our dreams are rapidly turning to reality and that the Hospice is nearing completion! The event started with a presentation on progress and the many people who have worked so hard to get to this point were thanked.

The evening was a celebration with the excellent food and entertainment an added bonus. For those of you that could not join us, you missed a wonderful evening and people were still celebrating into the wee small hours. We hoped to raise €1,500 on the evening to go towards opening the hospice and were staggered that the raffle, auction and bear sales were in the region of €3,000 and the total amount raised was €5,451.50.

Thanks to every one for there participation and involvement with particular thanks to Fr. Jim for all his efforts prior to the event.

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