2 plaques unveiled at Hospice

A ceremony has taken place in the hospice chapel, where 2 plaques were unveiled. The first in memory of Philip and Margaret McDonald, ( Bridget Sideras’ parents) the other to remember in our prayers members of the Sideras Family. Both plaques have been sponsored by George and Bridget Sideras.


George & Bridget Sideras with Fr’s Miguel, Carlos & Jim

George and Bridget Sideras, who have a home in Cyprus, have committed funding for two years to the children’s area. They have pledged a substantial sum which will be ring fenced for the hospice opening. George has been active for the last two years as a member of the hospice steering group, his background and experience have proved invaluable within the group. The wing will be named the “Sideras Foundation Wing”

Bridget Sideras unveiled a plaque dedicated to the memory of her parents, “The Phillip and Margaret MacDonald room”. The room will be sponsored for two years.

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