Passion Play in Paphos 2014

Thanks God we were able to make the first Passion Play in Paphos. It was a powerful experience for everyone involved both actors and spectators. Good Friday noon to 1.20pm.

Due to the coincidence of the date of Easter in the two calendars, attendance was great, exceeding 500 people.

People were deeply grateful, saying he/she felt at Calvary, and tears ran, very real and natural.

Certainly the preparation was not easy: the “ultimate rehearsal” ended before starting the performance. 11 stations were made, from the Last Supper. Following the unified text of the Passion, the actors mimed. Then people would recite a prayer and we were all moving to the next station accompanied by singing.

The peculiarity was the great diversity of nations and religions that took part : Sri Lanka , Poland, Philippines, United Kingdom , Italy, Germany, Cyprus , Ivory Coast , Kenya , Iran , France … Buddhists, Muslims , Orthodox, Protestants, Catholics. All united by Christ in his Sacrifice.

We ask God to continue to increase in all the fruits of his Redemption.

You can see pictures on our Facebook St. Paul’s Catholic Parish Paphos

Pp Carlos Ferrero and Miguel de la Calle, IVE

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