Parish Notices 5/6/11

7th Sunday of Easter

Readings for this Sunday: (Year A).

Acts: 1:12-14
Psalm: 26.
NT: 1 Peter: 4:13-16
Gospel: John: 14:17:1-11

Volunteers needed.

We need volunteers for the following:

Parish Hall:
Help with the bar most days and evenings.
If you can help please contact Phil on 99819891

Our Hospice shops also need volunteers especially shop no.2 on Sundays (Shop near the Church) Either call in and see Ruth or Wendy

Volunteering is part of our Christian duty, a huge amount already goes on and we than you for that, but we need to fill some gaps that have arisen. To borrow a saying ‘ Ask not what your parish can do for you, rather what can I do for my Parish’.

If you wish you can also call Fr. Carlos or Fr. Jim and give them your name and availability.

‘Raise the Roof’ Evening. We have to carry out extensive repairs to the roof of the Latin Parish Hall and need to raise some money toward the 2,500 euro cost. So there will be a fund raising evening on Saturday 18th June. There will be a band, ‘Mid Life Crisis’, and raffle. Tickets 10 euros including supper. For tickets or further information please contact either Brenda on 99804161 or Phil on 99819891 or in Hospice shops 2 & 3 or the Parish Hall.

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. There is a pilgrimage to the Holy Land from 28th August – 7th Sept. Organised by Fr Umberto. Parish Coordinator: Willie Watkinson.99771537. Leaflets available at the back of the Church. Full details on the church notice board.

Family Retreat. Fri/Sat. 1/2nd July. A retreat for families is being organised for 1st and 2nd July. Starting at 4pm on Friday 1st July through to about 5pm on Saturday 2nd July. It will be at Mesa Chorio. If interested please see Fr. Carlos or Fr. Jim.

Hospice fund raising. There is a mixture of old and new. There is a table outside the Church after Sunday Masses. You can help your hospice by distributing leaflets and posters to restaurants you frequent etc. They are available in both Greek and English.

Michael Bear

Michael Bear

We will shortly have “Michael Bears” available for sale at EUR5 each, they are available in 3 different colours and all proceeds will go towards the Hospice.

We are also delighted to announce that the 400 countdown income had reached EUR40,000 by the end of May, 10% towards our ultimate objective already, thank you to you all!

The next phase of construction has been agreed and will be the stand pipes, doors, railings and patio tiling at a cost of circa EUR64,000. To help with this as you may be aware we have launched the 10 euro per month standing order scheme through all major Cypriot banks and via the UK if appropriate.

Our next objective is to raise the EUR50.000 we need to purchase a lift and the Kitchen which will really mark major progress.

In addition to help with fixtures and fittings we launched the symbolic Key campaign at 10 euro’s per key, we already have sufficient funds to purchase a EUR2,000 bed!

The accounts of income and expenditure on the Hospice is available on the notice board in the Church, on this website and in the Hospice shops for your information.

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