Hospice Support

The recent Dinner and Dance for the Archangel Michael Hospice raised 1,500.73€. Thanks to everyone who came and supported us. The event has proved to be so popular we will be doing a Christmas version on Friday November 20th at Aqua Mare Hotel, tickets will be available in September and will announce price then, hopefully not more than 30€.

The recent BBQ Lunch at the Lain Parish Hall was hugely enjoyable and raised 210€ for the Hospice. The next Lunch will be an international food bring and share on Sunday June 14th at the Latin Parish Hall.

Children…and big children at work!!

We had the great joy to start Our Lady’s path on 1st of May, the Month dedicated to Mary. After 2 days of intensive work it is already finished!! We thank specially Mary CHOJNOWSKI who was our leader and teacher for her great generosity bringing all of us together. Well done and may Virgin Mary bless us all. We are her Children!

Fr. Miguel

A Time of Passion

On Palm Sunday 2015, The Passion Play, The Way of the Cross, was staged in the grounds of Ayia Kyriaki, the Roman Catholic Parish Church of St. Paul’s Pillar, Paphos, Cyprus.

Here Beverly Peberdy, a member of the Congregation, asks the organizer, Father Miguel, what inspired him to put on such an ambitious production.

‘Where are you from Father Miguel?’

IMG_2813‘I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was ordained as a Priest in 2008 in Mendoza, Argentina, into the Religious family of the INCARNATE WORD, IVE.’

‘How do you think your second production of The Passion of Christ went and why did you put it on again?’

IMG_2823‘Last year we received a truly positive and enthusiastic response from the vast number of people who attended and took part. They found it a deeply moving, spiritual and inspirational experience. Many were moved to tears as they were reminded about how our dear Lord suffered for us and what Easter is really all about.’

‘This gave us all the opportunity to come together, many nations, many Christian denominations, different religions – this is because Jesus died to make humanity one in Himself.’

‘Was this production better than the first?’

IMG_2832‘No matter how many times Christ’s crucifixion is enacted, the basic truth is still the same, He died for us, to take away all our sins and to give us everlasting life. I don’t believe is possible to ever improve on this.’

‘The Way of the Cross is a strong devotion in the Christian tradition. The Passion Play represents living images of Jesus’ journey or way to the cross. Our idea was to help people to pray, become close to Jesus and feel His suffering, which He endured for our sake.’

‘Why did you wish to do this – what was your motivation?’

IMG_2881‘Because of the love of Jesus for us, for each of us – I wished to show this. From the very beginning we wished to reach everyone as Jesus did.’

‘You staged the Passion Play in the grounds of Ayia Kyriaki, the Roman Catholic Church of St. Pauls’ Pillar. Why was the setting so important?’

IMG_2919‘This is a very special place because St. Paul first preached Christianity here to the Romans and local Cypriot people. For this, local tradition says, he was tied to a pillar and scourged as Jesus was. There exists a strong link between the suffering of Jesus and St. Paul.’

‘Was this a Roman Catholic only production?’

IMG_2955‘It was organized by the Roman Catholic Church and all denominations and religions were invited and joined us and participated.’

‘Who were the cast – were they professionals? Had anyone any previous experience?’

IMG_2990‘Not really! The experience grew as we rehearsed.’

‘What was the idea behind having the actors miming the scenes and two narrators speaking the words?’

IMG_2997‘To highlight the actual Gospel in its wholeness. This enabled our audience to follow the events with their eyes and also to listen to the poignant and deeply spiritual words.’

‘Was the reaction any different from last year, even though for many it was their second time to see this?’

IMG_3011‘No, again our audience sang, prayed and many wept. Their response was profoundly moving and wonderful for us all as we shared in our dear Lord’s suffering.’

‘Do you and those involved plan to stage the Passion of Christ: The Way of the Cross again?’

IMG_3019‘Yes, we hope to make this an annual event. Jesus Christ gave his life for us over 2,000 years ago, that we should be forgiven our sins, be free to enter heaven and everlasting life. It is crucial we never forget his divine sacrifice.’


Christmas Message

We read in St. Lk 2:7, “and she gave birth to a son, her first-born. She wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger because there was no room for them in the Inn.” A former Archbishop of New York and a great Pastor, Fulton Sheen, said commenting this: “There was no room in the inn, but it was in the barn. The inn represented the mundane … “That Inn represents all and every person, institution and every thing that does not receive Christ, the only Savior of the world. God in His infinite love is still coming to us in many ways, in every Christmas. We can receive Him if we open our heart to his divine love and let him transform us in other Christ, in the children of God. On the first Sunday of December our Patriarch Fouad Towal told us “you are the Holy Land”. We can say “you are Bethlehem! In your hearts, with Faith and Charity, you can let Christ be born again and make you the son or the daughter of God that has found the hidden treasure, Jesus. As He said “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and understanding and revealed them to the childlike. Yes, Father, for so it was to your liking.” (Mt. 11:25) Let the all pure Virgin Mary Mother of God, help us to receive the Lord in our heart, to keep Him in our life and to bring Him to the whole world in our way of living.

We pray that the Virgin Mary may bring us all together as one family to receive the “child” that has been born for us. The Father made us His family in Christ. Come, Lord Jesus, come! Wish you all a very blessed Christmas and a happy new year!! God bless you all!

Fr. Carlos Ferrero, Parish Priest