Hospice Commissioning Group

Now that the Hospice is nearing completion there is a need to refocus our efforts to facilitate a seamless transmission to opening. The Hospice Commissioning Group will ensure that everything is in place to meet the legal, medical and nursing requirements of the facility. The group will focus on the business, fundraising, IT, marketing and strategic requirements.

HCG Members

Fr Carlos Ferrero.

Fr Carlos will Chair the group.

Cameron McDonald.

Deputy Chair: Will ensure that the strategic direction of the Group is consistent with the Hospice mission; will assist with marketing and presentations to businesses and groups; will ensure actions are followed up and are consistent with the Hospice needs.

Cameron’s background is in Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals.

Eamon Brooks

IT issues are rapidly coming to the fore; Eamon will ensure that the hospice has the necessary needs covered, including, Network & Computing infrastructure, Electronic nurse reporting systems, Drug reporting systems, Broadband & TV to rooms, etc.

Eamon has a background in IT, Engineering and Media and is currently responsible for our website.

Mona Skordi

Mona is the only current salaried Hospice employee. She has established herself as a valued member of the team. Her principal activity will be setting up a fundraising team and public liaison. Mona has degrees in Human Resources, Sociology and Psychology.

Matt Rayner.

Matt is an entrepreneur and a successful businessman, we will utilise his financial and business skills to best effect and he will work on strategic planning.

Andreas Charalambous

Andreas is Regional Manager with USB Bank in Paphos. He has been a long term supporter of the Hospice as a member of The Knights of Saint Lazarus, and is in fact Commander of the Paphos Comandery. The remit of the order is to support the Hospice movement worldwide.

John Kearns

John is a major fundraiser on our behalf and also gives us a foothold in the UK where he is based. He has obtained Gift Aid on UK donations, an area which we hope to develop. John will report laterally to the Group and will be invited to attend meetings when in Cyprus. John has a wide business background including sales and marketing, customer service, quality work processes and continuous improvement and has offered sound advice in the past.

The Hospice Commissioning Group will appoint sub groups as required for specific roles, e.g. Nursing, Medical and other needs. The HCG members will receive no expenses or emoluments for their work.

For further information contact: mona@archangel-michael-hospice.com

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